How to Get the Most Out of a TPO Roof

If you're looking for a durable roofing material, consider TPO. This type of material can last anywhere from twenty to thirty years. The roofs of many homes are relatively low maintenance and require little maintenance after installation. TPO can also be used on commercial buildings. If you're in need of a new roof, contact Roeslers Roofing to help you file an insurance claim.


TPO is often installed in various ways, including heat welding around chimneys and using adhesives. The material can be difficult to install if it has come into contact with a lot of other materials. However, it is less difficult than other roofing materials. Here are some tips to lower the cost of installing a TPO roof:


TPO roofing is a good choice for commercial buildings. It can be installed on a variety of flat and metal roof types. In fact, TPO roofing can be installed on virtually any type of building. If you have a metal roof or a flat roof with a shingle surface, you may be able to benefit from TPO roofing. However, the right installation and maintenance will help your TPO roof last for years.


As a new roofing material, TPO has some questions that must be answered. While most roofs made of TPO last about 10 years, some roofs can last as long as 30 years. Proper maintenance is necessary for a TPO roof to remain in good condition. It is recommended to inspect the roof annually to ensure it is free of stains, debris, and leaks. TPO roofs need to be cleaned and inspected every year to avoid peeling or cracking at the edges and seams, which can lead to a leaking roof.

Life Span

TPO roofing is a common choice for flat roofs, but the material can have its disadvantages, too. These include moisture buildup, clogged gutters, and downspouts. Unlike most roofing materials, TPO does not handle high temperatures well. This is especially true in southern states, where the weather is warmer throughout the year. The heat can cause cracks in the TPO membrane, allowing massive amounts of water to infiltrate. The short lifespan of a TPO roof is limited by these potential problems.