There are a variety of reasons to visit Witte Museum San Antonio TX. Its long-term and touring exhibits cover Texas heritage, art, and science. There's even a Science Treehouse for children! The Witte is a must-see attraction in San Antonio! Here's a quick guide to this San Antonio gem. You'll have a great time and learn plenty about the history of San Antonio and its diverse culture.

The Witte Museum has many things to offer visitors of all ages. For example, the Museum's Dinosaur Lab is a fun way to learn about the life-sized creatures of the Central and South Plains. For a more hands-on experience, visit the museum's Pecos Gallery to learn about the hunter-gatherers of the region. There's an elevator to take you to different levels.

Located near Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, the Witte Museum features world-class collections of historical artifacts and exhibits on Texas history, science, and natural history. The Witte Museum also hosts live performances and educational programs. It is open daily, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. If you're looking for a unique experience with your family, Witte is the perfect choice. There's something for everyone at Witte Museum San Antonio TX.

The Witte Museum was redesigned to better reflect its changing community and the changing world. It welcomes art enthusiasts and novices alike, and parking is easy. With easy access and parking, Witte is a great place to spend a day with the family. The Witte Museum San Antonio TX is a wonderful place to take your family for a day out. You'll enjoy learning about Texas history and enjoying beautiful artwork, while also being entertained and learning something new!

The Witte Museum San Antonio TX houses 183,000 artifacts. The Witte Museum houses the Hertzberg Circus Collection, one of the largest and oldest public circus collections. Harry Hertzberg was a prominent civic leader and state senator in San Antonio, and a huge circus enthusiast. His legacy was passed on to the Witte Museum, and his collection includes his Las Carpas Collection, which documents Mexican-American tent shows.

The Witte Museum has been researching ancient people in southwest Texas for 50 years. The 4,000-year-old population thrived in this area of Texas. The museum's sponsored excavations have uncovered numerous artifacts and historical artifacts from the area. These include paintings, stone tools, and sandals, as well as rock art paintings. Hundreds of thousands of artifacts have been found.

The Witte Museum San Antonio TX offers a variety of educational experiences for visitors of all ages. Children will enjoy the H-E-B Body Adventure where they can climb Mount Witte to learn about the human body. While adults can enjoy the Witte's exhibits, children should be aware of some of the pitfalls. Visiting during school tours can get you stuck in a crowded museum. Special exhibits can be hit or miss, so make sure to schedule an appointment to see the artifacts in person.