When Should You Replace Your Roof in Texas?

When you need to replace your roof in Texas, the weather plays a key role. Though the weather can be unpredictable at times, it generally follows familiar patterns. Here are a few helpful tips. Read on to learn more. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a roofing material in Texas. Whether you want a metal or a composition shingle roof, the right time to replace your roof will depend on its age.


While you should not replace a metal roof prematurely, you should be aware of the benefits of a metal roof and know when to do so. Most metal roofs can last anywhere from fifty to seventy years under ideal conditions. In Texas, a standard asphalt shingle roof will last about fifteen to twenty years. Metal roofs, on the other hand, can last for over forty years. Additionally, metal is weatherproof and non-porous, keeping occupants dry even during storms.


Roofing professionals in Texas can help you decide when to replace your roof with slate. Whether you live in Austin or Round Rock, slate roofing is a beautiful choice that lasts for decades. Slate roofs can also be extremely valuable, so if you are planning to sell your home in the future, slate is a great investment. Here are some tips for making the decision. You should replace your roof when at least 70% of the slates are still intact.

Composition shingles

While composition shingle roofs can last for 20 years or more in Texas, they can show signs of wear and tear. In humid weather, they can turn dark. However, most composition shingles are resistant to algae and stains, which is especially good for the Gulf Coast. If you suspect your roof is leaking, don't immediately decide to replace it. Follow the tips below for determining when to replace composition shingles.

Standing seam metal

A standing seam metal roof offers a contemporary aesthetic as well as long-lasting durability. Many discerning property owners choose this roofing option due to its environmental benefits and energy-efficiency. Choosing a high-quality metal roofing system is important for peace of mind, which is why Roeslers Roofing is dedicated to providing customers with top-quality metal roofing services. Whether you need a new roof for your home, or you're in the market for a replacement, our team can help.

Asphalt shingles

One of the most common roofing materials in Texas is asphalt shingles. It is a relatively inexpensive material that is made from an organic and reinforced fiberglass material. While asphalt shingles are fairly resilient, they are particularly susceptible to damage caused by Texas weather. Constant temperature changes, high winds, and UV radiation can all cause asphalt shingles to deteriorate. In Texas, a standard asphalt shingle roof can last anywhere from fifteen to twenty years before it needs to be replaced.